How do I order?

  1. Fill out a Quote Request Form

  2. Make a Deposit to book your reservation

We accept Payment through Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and Square (Card)

Venmo has flagged users in the past for using Venmo for business transactions on a non-business account. This leads to accounts being suspended for undisclosed amount of time.

Effective on July 20, 2021, users who receive payments that are identified by senders as for goods & services will be charged a seller transaction fee of 1.9% + $0.10

To avoid this fee when sending deposits or full payment via Venmo, please refrain from using any words relations to good/services in the comment section.

Instead please type some random emoji or write "Thank you!"

Zelle search by our email GloriousCakesbyGee@gmail.com

Square You will be prompted to pay by card when receiving your invoice through Square.

Can I order a custom flavor?

Flavors may be requested, but we feel most confident in our most popular flavors listed on the Quote Request Form.

How many servings can I get out of a cake?

We typically sell taller than normal cakes. Please refer to the chart below. If cut as suggested, you can get the most servings out of your tall cake.

This does not apply to our Bentgo Cakes.

What flavor Cakes do you offer?

You can find our list of Flavors on our Quote Request Form.

When is the latest I can request a cake?

We are limited to how many orders we accept weekly. You may book a reservation as early as a year in advance but no later than a week before your pick up date. Please understand we are a small business and your last minute order will require a rush fee.

Do you offer any Vegan or Sugar Free Cakes?

One of our customer favorites in our Banana Sugar Free Cake. This is typically ordered for smash cakes and includes sugar free applesauce as the sweetner.

Do you deliver Wedding Cakes?

Yes! Wedding cakes are the only cakes we currently deliver within a 30 minute drive of 89011. Price of this service is included in your wedding cake. If you would like your cake professionally sliced and served, we can discuss this service for an extra fee.

How do I order a Custom Cake Topper?

To order a Custom Cake Topper please E-mail us at GloriousCakesbyGee@Gmail.com with details, colors, themes, or inspirational pics and we can discuss pricing.