About Us

Behind the Baker

First of all I never thought I would be selling cakes as a business! I grew up watching my mom sell cakes as a side gig and I absolutely dreaded helping her. Don't get me wrong I loved eating her cakes! I loved watching her decorate them--sometimes, but for the most part it wasn't my cup of tea. Sorry, Ma! When I finally moved out of my parents house for college and got a taste of independence I realized I loved baking cakes for my friends. No better way to spend a poor college students' birthday then with a homemade cake! I attempted to decorate with what money and tools I had and let me tell you, it was not easy! Especially with the humidity in Hawaii. My buttercream just wouldn't set! Thankfully, no matter how ugly my creations were, it still would get eaten! #collegekidsgottaeat

After graduating college and moving to Las Vegas I didn't really have much time for the baking hobby. It wasn't until after getting married to my best friend, settling into my job as an Educator that I finally found time to revisit it.

I would make cakes for friends, people at church, and realized that I missed it! I loved watching satisfying videos of bakers creating the most perfect looking cakes or even just stacking and crumb coating a cake. I attempted to get back into baking and making cool satisfying cakes for myself. They didn't look great still! But with time, patience and a lot of experience I'm where I'm at today. I left teaching in 2019, thankfully right before the pandemic and distance learning, to stay home and raise my babies and to be with my family.

My husband suggested I start selling some cakes to help get some income so here we are! He helps me with the business side of things and I get paid baking and decorating cakes! Teaching was always my dream career but now I get to live out a new dream of being with my family and baking delicious and stunning looking cakes! We're a small family business and appreciate any support we get.